We still have 15 weeks until the bi-annual Film & Comic Con Newcastle event will be taking place at the Metro Radio Arena on Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st May 2017, so lots of time for us to announce more possible guests who will be attending the event. But we'd like to bring your attention to the wonderful Doctor Who guests we already have included in the event line-up!


Matthew Waterhouse is best known for his role as Adric in Doctor Who; as companion to both Tom Baker and Peter Davison's Doctors, and is the youngest person to have played a companion. The newer series of Doctor Who has had younger versions of companions, but the adult companions have not been as young.


Next on our list is the lovely Lalla Ward, known as the second actress who portrayed Time Lady Romana. Lalla was also Princess Astra in "The Armageddon Factor" prior to her time as a companion to the Doctor. This is the form the old Romana took in order to reincarnate.


Finally we have a reincarnation of the Doctor himself, number 7 to be precise, Sylvester McCoy! Sylvester is a bubbly and entertaining gentleman, who is fantastic with his fans and extremely entertaining in panels and Q&A sessions. Need we say more?



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